About Us

Our Origination

Where does Tyrol Come From?
The first question a lot of people ask is "What the heck is TyrolSport"? Well, first off, let's start by pronouncing it correctly. It's TEE-ROLL Sport, not TIE-ROLL Sport. Now what on earth is Tyrol?

For starters lets look at a map of Europe: The Tyrol is a region which encompasses Southern Austria and Northern Italy. This region is famous for its Alpine beauty, fine wines, and amazing roads(Think Passo Stelvio).The region has produced some of Europes finest F1, Rally, and Sports Car drivers. The people of this region, located between Germany and Italy, combine Teutonic engineering excellence with the Italian Passione for all things automotive. These are the qualities that TyrolSport exemplifies.

Our History

Our founder Michael Pancheri started TyrolSport by himself in a garage located behind his house, in Sept of 2001. Word of mouth quickly spread that he was the go-to “shop” in the NYC tri-state. In 2004, the first product was launched, the revolutionary brake caliper stiffening kit, followed shortly thereafter by a successful line of intercoolers. The company has continually grown since then into a full-fledged automotive service, engineering, and product marketing company.

Our Staff

Our staff embodies everything that is great about the USA. We span the ethnic and racial kaleidoscope of New York City, with seven different languages spoken in-house. We all came to TyrolSport from the top of our respective technical fields. We have master technicians, engineers, and designers on staff, with a wealth of education and work experience.

Our Goals

While it may sound like our staff is quite unique in their own way, we all share a passion for being the best in our field, and making customer service a top priority. Our unified goal is to make customers happy and meet their needs, be it for one of our products or one of our services. We love cars, and even more so, we love making them accelerate faster, turn harder, and stop quicker. Our motto is "whatever it takes". Whatever it takes to get you to work reliably. Whatever it takes to shave a tenth off your lap time. Stop by and say hello, you are always welcome at TyrolSport.