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Mike Pancheri's Corrado G60

This is one of our personal shop cars. It takes VW's formula for a sports car and takes it a few steps further. Acceleration, Handling, Braking, and Looks are all dramatically improved, but the original feel is maintained. The ultimate in OEM+ tuning.

KK Stage 3 G-Lader
68mm BBM Supercharger Pulley
BBM RSR Outlet
GIAC Stage 2 G60 Chip
EuroSport Intercooler Pipes
BBM ISV Reroute
3.5bar FPR
Neuspeed SoftSport Springs
Bilstein HD Shocks
VR6 Upper Strut Mount Conversion
R32 control arm bushings
Ferodo DS2500 pads
2.5deg negative camber, zero toe alignment
Neuspeed 02A short shifter
BBS RS001 15x7 ET25
Hankook R-S2 Z212 205/50-15
90mm European front lip