Electrical & Computer
Diagnosis Work

Common Electrical & Computer Diagnosis Issues / Work



TyrolSport specializes in the tough electrical problems that sometimes plague European vehicles. We are fully equipped with the latest scan tools, factory trained technicians, and the patience and know-how to solve the most complex issues. Our capabilities include:

  • Check engine light diagnosis
  • Diagnosis and repair of electrical short circuits
  • Diagnosis and repair of battery drains
  • Window motor and door lock motor repair
  • Climate control and sound system repair/replacement
  • Anti-theft system recoding and key matching
  • ECU/DME chip soldering
  • ECU/DME recoding
  • ECU/DME flashing

We are an authorized GIAC performance software sales and installation center.

  • Soldering and flashing available for BMW/VW/Audi/Mini/Porsche
  • IPD chipping of Volvo
  • Inquire about Mobile Chip Tuning for GTGs and other car meets

The presence of warning lights are to tell you something is wrong, and will not allow your car to pass a state inspection. Check engine, ABS, Airbag, TPMS, and all other engine waning lights can be read and diagnosed.



Full service of coding for European accessories such as headlight washers and rear fog lights can be performed here. Coding is also available for disabling TPMS, disable/enable daytime running lights, and many other functions.

Electrical Short Circuit Diagnosis


Got a funky electrical problem that seems impossible to trace? Bring it by, we will be glad to assist.

Automatic transmission diagnosis


If your transmission is not shifting properly, holding gears, or slipping, allow us to give it a scan. Many transmission conditions caught in their early stages may be repairable for much less than you may think. Some cause a check engine light, and some do not. Scanning for transmission codes is always the best start when a shift/driveability issue arises.

GIAC engine/transmission tuning


We are an authorized GIAC tuning site with the ability to install performance software on your European car. Engine tuning is available for most applications. Transmission tuning is available for all DSG and Tiptronic transmissions.