Performance Maintenance, Diagnosis & Repair

Features of Performance Maintenance and Diagnosis Repair:

Suspension noise diagnosis


All of the sounds which can be described as a clunk, squeak, or rattle can be solved here. We are experts on all joints, bushings, linkages, and mounts that may be contributing to increased noise, vibration and harshness.

Factory Interval fluid/filter service


If it is not OEM spec, we don't use it, Period. Only OEM spec filters and seals are used in our shop. Engine oil, transmission fluid, and hydraulic fluid that we use are all full synthetic and meet or exceed OEM requirements.

Timing belt service


VW/Audi recommends 100k for timing belt service. We have unfortunately performed many valve jobs as low as 70K on cars which have had a timing belt break. We recommend timing belt service intervals be performed at 60K, which is a much cheaper insurance policy than risking your valves on a 100K interval. All timing belt jobs include new upgraded water pump, thermostat, coolant, serpentine belts, rollers, belt tensioners, and utilize factory hardware/components.

interval tune-up service


We perform tune-ups using factory Bosch or NGK plugs/wires where applicable. Sticking to the factory tune up interval will ensure that more expensive ignition components such as coil packs will live a long life. In addition, all engine/pollen filters are OEM to ensure that YOU live a long life and avoid exposure to dirty air.

automatic transmission service


The best way to ensure years of smooth shifting and reliability from your automatic, tiptronic, DSG, or SMG transmission is to stay on top of your factory service intervals. It is critical that these components are maintained with OEM fluids and filters, which will protect against premature wear and failure.

Manual transmission service


Some manufacturers say that manual transmission fluid lasts the lifetime of the car. In some cases, the fluid must be drained prior to servicing a clutch. When a new OEM clutch kit is replaced, gear oil is replaced with a synthetic.

Wheel alignments/Tire Mount & Balance Capability


A proper wheel alignment is essential for controlling tire wear and fuel economy. If your wheel alignment is off and your car is pulling, you may be wearing your tires faster than you might think. Additionally, vibrations and pull can be caused by improperly balanced tires, which our Road Force balance machine can correct in combination with a four wheel laser alignment.

coolant leak diagnosis


Many coolant leaks develop over time. If not repaired and topped up with the right coolant, you may as well tow your car to the junk yard. It has been a hard lesson for some, but mixing coolant is a VERY bad idea. When your coolant system is worked on, we will always use OEM VW/Audi, Porsche, or BMW/MINI coolant in your car. Failing to do so will result in your coolant turning into a jelly and blocking all of the passages inside your engine, radiator, heater core, and hoses. Keeping the OEM coolant is the best way to lower your cars cholesterol and ensure years of reliability.

oil leak diagnosis


Oil leaks plague some engines, while others remain perfectly sealed. If you have oil consumption issues, and do not notice any burning off through the exhaust as blue smoke, you may have an oil leak. Not all leaks are equal, as some only occur while driving, and others occur while parked. If any unusual oil consumption arises, we can help.

Air Conditioning Service


Keeping your A/C system charged will ensure that it stays cold in the summer and defrosts faster in the winter. If you suspect a leak, our dyes will indicate the source and make for an easier diagnosis.

BMW Valve Adjustments


We perform valve adjustments for BMW engine codes S14, S50B30, S52, and S54, as well as single and dual VANOS diagnostics and repair.

carbon build-up removal


Direct injected engines are notorious for becoming blocked with carbon build up on the intake valves. RS4's, 135i/335i/535i, R56 N14's, 2.0 FSI & TSI's are just a few of the victims of this epidemic. Fortunately with the carbon removed, you will regain a noticeable amount of power. Not IF but WHEN this happens to your engine, we are here to assist.

performance intake cleaning


Many serviceable intake filters must be cleaned of debris, re-oiled, and reinstalled. On cars equipped with Mass Air Flow meters, an improperly or over-oiled air filter will spell trouble as far as MAF life and running issues are concerned. If you have a performance intake on your car, chances are you have a similar filter element which must be maintained properly to continually provide trouble-free performance.

coilover adjustments


Aging coilovers can be a pain to adjust. Whether you are corner balancing, adjusting for new wheel/tire sizes, or seasonally adjusting your ride height, we have the tools to get the job done. Our expertise and tools enable us to be able to adjust any threaded strut bodied coilover that has frozen together from the elements.