Power Enhancing Modification Features:

software upgrades


TyrolSport is an Authorized GIAC dealer with years of chip-tuning and flash loading experience. Software upgrades are generally the first step in achieving power gains over stock, and are usually the best bang for the buck choice. GIAC also offers TDI performance chip-tuning for VW/Audi Diesels.

valvetrain & port matching


Higher flowing heads, valves and camshafts are critical in achieving maximum power from bolt-on upgrades. Port matching intake and exhaust manifolds, heads, and superchargers can be performed in-house.

turbo upgrades


When bolt-on performance just isn't enough – there are many OEM and aftermarket turbo upgrades available. Most of our recommendations are tried and true to ensure headache free operation and optimal performance.

aftermarket/custom exhausts


For those looking for more power, better sound, and less weight; an upgraded exhaust system is the best choice. Ranging from cat backs, axle backs, headers, downpipes, and test pipes

intake & intercooling


Anything to help your engine breathe easier, from cold-air systems to ram-air systems, can be installed or fabricated. In addition, further cooling of Turbo and Supercharged cars can be done with one of our TyrolSport Upgraded Intercoolers.

Water Methanol Installations


If intercooling is not enough, Water methanol injection kits can be installed and tuned. Water Methanol systems assist in cooling the intake air, allowing for a cooler and denser charge. Water methanol can also be used as a substitute for race fuel when combined with100 octane software.