What makes Tyrolsport products unique?

What makes our products different?

Our product ideas and concepts all originate from data we gather on the track, street, and enthusiast feedback. We strive to make the best products available; Combining quality, functionality, durability, and engineering excellence. Here is how we do it;


All of our products are designed in-house using the DSS Solidworks cad software. We are able to perform stress and flow analysis on our parts during concept development, further refining and verifying the design and functionality. During the final design period, we are able to produce rapid prototypes of our parts to perform dimensional and functional tests. This is done using our in house Stratasys FDM 3d printers. Once the prototypes have proven their validity, we develop program files In Mastercam which are uploaded to the various CNC machining centers used to build our parts. We hold all our tolerances to a maximum of .005”-.002”. Nothing leaves the door without final checks by our engineering staff.


Nothing stresses a car more than continued track usage. Through Motorsport preparation and participation, TyrolSport gains vital insight into engineering deficiencies inherent in specific vehicles. This allows us to develop appropriate solutions for sanctioned race teams as well as enthusiasts. We find weaknesses and areas for improvement in the OEM components, and develop solutions to improve durability, responsiveness, and vehicle enjoyment.


We eat, sleep, and breathe European cars. We want your car to be better, faster, and have more stick. We marry this passion with our engineering skills to deliver products that make a real difference in performance.

Made in U.S.A.

All Tyrolsport products are proudly designed, developed and manufactured right here in the USA. Not just “assembled in the USA”, but really 100% American through and through. We are careful to source our raw materials from domestic sources, choosing certified green suppliers. While it costs more to do it this way, it is the only way to maintain the utmost in product quality and customer satisfaction.

In stock

Since our products are not "stuck in customs" or on the slow boat from China, we can get them to you faster. If you order a TyrolSport brand product and it is not in stock, we give you free shipping in exchange for your patience.

Money Back Guarantee

We make our clients happy and grow our business by making new and innovative products that hitherto did not exist. Almost all of our products are “first-of-a-kind”, tested on the track and street, and are always guaranteed to work. Not happy with your purchase? Don't feel like you got your money's worth? Send it back for a refund no questions asked. We want you to be satisfied with all of your interactions with TyrolSport. We're not here to make a quick buck and sell fluff products. We're here to make you happy and make your car better.