Why TyrolSport?

Choosing a shop is important. Here are some things to think about when choosing TyrolSport.

Experience, professionalism, location, and pricing are some of the criteria you may be thinking about when choosing a service location for your European vehicle. Let’s take it a bit further, because the details are important. It makes the difference between a good facility and a great facility. Here are some of the things you might not notice when you visit TyrolSport, but are things we have thought about to make your experience enjoyable, and your car happier:


The people in our organization are our number one asset. We come from highly diverse backgrounds in terms of education, skills, hobbies, and ethnicity. However, we all share two important traits; our focus on making the customer happy, and our passion for cars. Anyone who works here must possess those two qualities; else they will not be hired as part of our team.


Workshop lighting is 120watts per linear foot of Philips LED 5000k Daylight Equivalent. It’s not cheap to run that many lights. Why do we do it? Because when you are performing complex operations, you need as much light as possible to make the job progress smoothly and efficiently. You also want your technician to be as fresh at the end of the day as he/she is at the beginning. Reducing his or her eye strain with proper lighting and an enjoyable work environment pays dividends in quality work for our customers. LED lighting has also reduced our energy consumption by 50% vs. typical CFL lights. This pays dividends in lower overhead and a smaller carbon footprint. It is something that we are very proud of.


A lift might look like a simple, functional object. Be aware, there are differences! Most shops use lifts with metal arms such as shown in the picture on the left. These arms bend the lifting rails, mar the undercarriage, and can damage critical components when lifting the vehicle. We specified extra-cost rubber lifting pads on all our Rotary lifts to make sure that your car will be lifted gently off of the ground. We also paid extra for triple adjustable arms, so that the rubber pads can be placed exactly where they need to be. Most other shops use single or double adjustable arms which are harder to place. On top of that, we paid even more to have extra low arms installed, so that even if your car is extremely low, we can lift it properly.

Synthetic Oil, The Only Oil We Carry

We only use ultra premium synthetic engine oils from the premier name brands in the industry. Motul, Fuchs, Lubromoly and Redline is what stocks our shelves. You won’t find any non-synthetic in our shop. By the way, don’t call us asking to change your oil at 3,000 miles. With a true, quality synthetic in your engine, you are wasting your money and harming the environment by changing too early. Our oil samples have shown that 7-10,000 miles is easily achievable with almost any car. Use that saved money to buy us drinks next time you see us at the bar.

Torque Wrenches, We Love 'Em

Installing wheels with unregulated air tools at maximum torque is a sure-fire recipe for stripped threads, seized lugs, and warped brake rotors. We only use torque wrenches for the final tightening of wheels, and we have our wrenches calibrated on a quarterly basis. Make sure that any shop that you patronize is careful with wheel torque, as it will save you a lot of time, money, and aggravation over the life of your car.

Walls & Floors

We have white stucco walls and gloss epoxy floors. This reflects the light off of the walls and floors and on to the underside of the vehicle. This eliminates the need for burning hot incandescent work lights hanging below your car, and reduces the chance of fires, employee injury, and other mishaps.


Dropping your car off for work shouldn’t have to be a hassle. We searched far and wide for a shop that would be located right on top of a transit hub. When you drop off your car, you can hop on the NYC subway system at the bottom of our block. This can get you to Manhattan in 20 minutes. You can get to the LIRR East New York Station in 10 minutes, LIRR Jamaica station in 25, so dropoff from Long Island is not a problem.

No Knockoffs!

Recently, we have noticed a flood of repair and performance parts from China. They are usually of poor quality, but are visually identical to name-brand parts. The profit margins associated with these products are immense, and the temptation to use them is too great for some. TyrolSport refuses to compromise quality to chase extra revenue. Our customers deserve better. We only use quality parts from name-brand manufacturers on your vehicle*

*Unless you really want the junk, then we’ll tell you to go elsewhere


TyrolSport does its utmost to minimize our impact on the environment. When working with TyrolSport, you can be confident that:
100% of used motor oil is recycled
100% of used coolant is recycled
100% of all metal components are recycled
100% of cardboard packaging is recycled
100% of all bottles and cans are recycled
On top of that, all of our cleaners and degreasers are bio-degradeable. We use chlorine-free brake cleaner. We purchase oil by the drum to reduce 1-liter plastic bottle waste. You will see our color-coded bins on the shop floor. Don’t even think about misplacing your garbage when you are here. We will hold your car hostage until the offending piece of litter is properly placed. No, really, we will.

Track Junkies

Those of you who are track junkies know that there is no feeling like that of being out there, pushing your car and yourself to the limit. Everyone at TyrolSport knows the feeling, because we all participate in AutoX, Drag, and Road Race events. We instruct with PDA, NASA, NEQ, and other organizations. This lets us better understand your performance and track needs.

Non-Marring Wheel Sockets

Your wheels are precious to you. Especially those of you who spent weeks or months choosing the exact wheel that would make your car rise to the top. We promise to use plastic coated wheel sockets so that we don’t scratch them. At TyrolSport, wheels are important.

Hose Clamps

Hose clamps are another simple item that are often overlooked when repairing or modifying a vehicle. TyrolSport exclusively uses 316 stainless-steel, rolled-edge hose clamps on all projects. This prevents hose clamps from rusting/seizing. It also prevents the clamp from cutting into your hoses, reducing their life expectancy dramatically. These hose clamps cost us a lot more than your regular parts store clamps. But you don’t drive an average car, and we don’t do average work.

Anti-Seize Compound

There is nothing more frustrating when working on a car than stripped bolts, seized joints, and rusted parts. Whenever possible when reassembling your car, we coat all hardware and joints with anti-seize compound or lubricant. This allows the threads to remain intact, and allows for easier and less stressful disassembly later. You will appreciate this if you decide to work on your car in the future.