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JRZ RS ONE Suspension System MK7 GTI
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JRZ RS ONE Suspension System MK7 GTI

Product ID : 15t02400820m1
Price: $3,045.00



The RS Line

Knowledge gained from racing is integrated in the JRZ RS ONE system. The use of the large shaft creates an optimum fluid displacement through the preset compression blow off valve to control the unsprung mass. A special designed piston is used to filter out the large, high velocity movements seen with suspensions on street applications. The car can be set up comfortably for street use and be set up for superb handling on track.

Manufactured, measured and tested on the same production line as the Motorsport dampers, all dampers are hand built in the Netherlands and individually tested and matched per application.

All JRZ dampers are:

  • Ride height adjustable
  • Include bump stops
  • Include dust boots
  • Every adjustment click gives noticeable change


The JRZ RS Line is divided in two segments, TOURING and SPORT.



The JRZ RS Touring is the perfect upgrade of your vehicle for street and track day use. The TOURING kit fits OE top mounts to minimize road noise, vibration and harshness.



The JRZ RS SPORT is the ultimate upgrade of your vehicle for track and street use, with spherical bearing top mounting plates to get optimal performance on track.


The JRZ RS SPORT package is designed for maximum performance, feel and adjustment.

  • JRZ top mounts
  • Spherical bearing top mounts
  • Spherical bearings in damper eyelets
  • Custom main & tender springs (linear)
  • Valved for more chassis control and performance

JRZ RS ONE Series Suspensions Feature

  • Preset compression setting
  • Ride height adjustable
  • 24 click damping setting
  • Twin tube design

The JRZ damper design comes from 60 years of experience in Research and Development of suspension and damper design for racing, rally, off road, armored and industrial applications.

The approach of the JRZ design philosophy is completely different from other damper manufacturers: 

“Emphasis is on controlling the un-sprung mass”

This is achieved by

  • Large fluid displacement because of the use of large diameter piston rod
  • Lifting force of shock-absorber by using high nitrogen pressure
  • Compression damping with unique adjustable valving system in canister
  • Large piston, with a large diameter non preloaded deflective disc valves
  • High flow return valve for quick refilling of working cylinder
  • Gas volume is selected in a way that the fluctuating gas volume and the temperature have little effect in the increase of pressure

Control of sprung mass

This is achieved by:

  • Large piston diameter for good rebound control because of large fluid displacement
  • Unique orifice rebound adjustment system


  • Improved handling
  • Reduced tire wear
  • More traction
  • Better comfort level
  • Better stability of vehicle body
  • Increased lifetime of damper



Racing is a professional, fast and demanding world. The industry offering parts and components to this market have to be alert and continuously update the design and performance of their products.

Suspension design is one of the major factors among the many other components used in a race car for a good handling and winning car.

Vehicle design, constructional integrity, choice of tires, differential settings, suspension and geometry, driver input are some of the parameters which are of the highest importance for a successful team effort.

Tyrolsport offers JRZ designed and developed packages for most VW/Audi applications. 

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